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WindowsWear provides access to visual retail data including store windows, store interiors, packaging, e-commerce. Our community includes members like Fendi, Harrods, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, as well as other leading brands, specialists, designers, architects, and academic institutions worldwide.More information about WindowsWear can be found here.

Tours & Seminars

Students visit stores and meet retail industry professionals in New York City and beyond to study topics such as business, marketing, math, arts and history through the perspective of the 1.3 trillion-dollar global fashion industry. More information about WindowsWear Workshops can be found here. More information about WindowsWear Fashion Window Walking Tours can be found here.

Teacher Development Programs

Learn to use fashion retail concepts in a variety of class settings.  Discussing World War II propaganda?  Teaching percentages?  Or the four elements of design?  WindowsWear Education offers lesson modules for these topics and many more.


WindowsWear is more than just a visual resource of fashion and retail, it provides a foundation for teaching myriad subjects in secondary and higher educational settings. We work with curriculum experts to develop course modules that can be integrated and adapted into existing courses.

Download educational modules:

The Four Basic Principles of Design

Politics and Propaganda

Value vs. Worth

All modules are copyrighted by WindowsWear, however, they are free for use in an educational setting. Simply download the PDF and start using the modules today. And of course, we appreciate your feedback.

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