The world’s largest and most comprehensive visual database of retail and e-commerce.

Leading brands, vendors, designers, architects, and academic institutions worldwide use WindowsWear’s exclusive, one-of-a-kind database. This unique online resource provides competitive research, information, insights, and trends for visual creatives to enhance and coordinate their brand’s physical and e-commerce environments. Content includes best-in-class visual merchandising, retail design, window displays, product packaging, e-commerce, and more, of the hottest global brands.

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Build the most incredible, real-time, searchable database of community-generated content that provides data on what environments look like around the world. An exciting online hub for visual creatives in this physical and digital era. Create your online profile now to showcase your creative projects and your life’s work. Tag your colleagues and the vendors that helped to bring your project to life. Discover what leading vendors, visual creatives, and brands are doing around the world.

Meet other members through our community and member events. Post job opportunities and find new talent.

Exclusive archive collections.

WindowsWear archives date back to 1931. As WindowsWear captures and memorializes the world’s
latest physical and e-commerce environments, this historical content is searchable as part of WindowsWear’s
proprietary archival collection. In addition, individuals and organizations may contribute their archives to WindowsWear.

The collections provide historical information covering nearly 90 years!
For brands, the information provides unparalleled competitor intelligence and trend data.
For educators, the archives provide a rich resource to take your students back in time to study visual creative and fashion trends.

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